BACnet Indoor Mobility Conference 2019

Building Automation Conferences 26 – 27 Sept 2019, Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Active Protection of Smart Buildings

  • Directives and Regulations
  • Manufacturer Initiatives
  • Secure Systems
  • IT Protection as a Service

IT Security for Building Automation and Control Systems

“Building automation is increasingly threatened by sabotage, espionage and the installation of malware. Without protection this can result in data manipulation, data loss and failure of building automation. - with severe consequences such as personal injury, business disruption or financial losses.”

VDMA 24774

Conference Features

  • Exhibition  “Cyber Security in Building Automation”
  • Keynotes of cyber security experts
  • Building automation meets IT 
  • Hands-on Cyber Security
  • Elevator Pitches / pointed short presentations of the sponsors 
  • Get together / Networking

System Integration in Multi-Purpose Buildings

  • Elevators and Escalators
  • People Tracking
  • Energy Management
  • Overall System Integration

Deutsche Bahn, FRAPORT AG

"The topic of BACnet in passenger conveyor technology is of burning interest to us. We are the market leader in the field of connecting elevators and escalators to BACnet. Our customers are Deutsche Bahn and FRAPORT AG."  

Thomas Reimann, Ingenieurbüro Reimann, Magdeburg

Conference Features

  • Exhibition "System Integration in Multi-purpose Buildings”
  • Keynotes of participating associations
  • Focus on user presentations
  • Elevator Pitches / pointed short presentations of the sponsors
  • Get together / Networking
  • Guided tour behind the scenes of the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) [subject to change]

Why you should attend

Analysts in Europe predict investments in smart cities worldwide to hit an all time high. The international twin conferences on building automation will address the two particularly high-growth areas. From 26 to 27 September 2019, the Frankfurt Airport will be dedicated to the subjects of “BACnet® Indoor Mobility” and “Cyber Security” in the commercial building of the future.

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