BACnet Building Automation Conference 2019

26 – 27 Sept 2019, Frankfurt Airport, Germany

  • Cyber Security in Buildings – Status Quo and Outlook
  • Security Concepts for Digital Buildings
  • Secure Building Automation with BACnet/SC
  • Solutions for Networked Buildings


SSPC 135 IT Working Group:
          Very high levels of security

“With a sharply increasing interest in cloud-based applications, owners, managers, BA, and IT professionals have a strong desire to create Building Automation infrastructures that provide very high levels of security.”

David Fisher, Bernhard Isler, Michael Osborne

IT Security for Building Automation:
          Severe consequences

“Building automation is increasingly threatened by sabotage, espionage and the installation of malware. Without protection this can result in data manipulation, data loss and failure of building automation. - with severe consequences such as personal injury, business disruption or financial losses.”

VDMA 24774

Research and Markets:
          Significant increase in demand

“There is a strong interrelationship between the BIOT market and the cyber security market for smart buildings. The increased proliferation of smart devices will help drive a significant increase in demand for new cyber security hardware, software and services in the market.”

Research and Markets, Dublin

Continental Automated Buildings Association:
          Economic and non-ecomomic benefits

“Proactive prevention offers a range of economic and non-economic benefits such as safeguarding infrastructure as well as organizational reputation.”

Ron Zimmer, CABA President & CEO

  • Planning without Limits
  • Reliable Control of Complexity
  • Ecological and Economical Operation
  • Customized Applications


Hilltown AVM:
          BACnet for successful and easy integration

“By using BACnet as backbone for our Building Automation System, we have achieved the successful and easy integration processes for all necessary sub systems.”

Burak Rıza Toraman, Ronesans Real Estate Investment

Frankfurt Airport:
          BACnet expanded on elevators

“In 2018 we have started to expand BACnet communication on elevators, escalators and passenger boarding bridges.”

Dr. Ulrich Kipper, Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide

cube berlin:
          Interface to BACnet

“The ‘Brain’ connects technology and processes and has interfaces to IoT, BACnet, KNX, Modbus, M-Bus, Beacon control, BIM, process control and the Preventive Smart FM.”

CA Immo Deutschland GmbH

Deutsche Bahn, FRAPORT AG:
          Burning interest

“The topic of BACnet in passenger conveyor technology is of burning interest to us. We are the market leader in the field of connecting elevators and escalators to BACnet. Our customers are Deutsche Bahn and FRAPORT AG.”

Thomas Reimann, Ingenieurbüro Reimann, Magdeburg

Why you should attend

Analysts in Europe predict investments in smart cities worldwide to hit an all time high. The international twin conferences on building automation will address the two particularly high-growth areas. From 26 to 27 September 2019, the Frankfurt Airport will be dedicated to BACnet© applications in City Centers and Cyber Security.

Conference Features

Double business opportunities

Benefit from the twin conference by exploring new areas and meeting new stakeholders. The synchronization of the lecture programs allows you to switch between the two conferences. The synchronization of the breaks allows you to meet new people in the exhibition.


The twin exhibition on “Cyber Security in Building Automation” and “System Integration in City Centers” will provide information on innovations and success stories in building automation. The use of BACnet components and systems will be explained to decision makers. Tailor-made solutions for IT-secure buildings and reliable integration of interoperable systems in commercial buildings will be demonstrated.

Meet new suppliers and users

The convergence of building automation and information technology offers new business prospects for secure networking and enhanced building services. Seize the chance and meet new service providers, suppliers and users.

Expert keynotes

Experience the keynotes about the digital transformation of building automation. Listen to the experts for City Center operation, BIoT, cyber security, system integration, indoor mobility and people navigation.

Focus on user presentations

Users from commercial buildings present their projects and experiences. Learn from best practices and integration concepts, from the refurbishment of existing buildings and from the installation of new buildings.

Elevator pitch presentations from sponsors

The sponsors present themselves and their airport solutions in short introductions that do not take longer than a ride in an elevator.

Networking reception

A networking reception at the lounge and exhibition area of the House of Logistics and Mobility rounds off the first day of the event.

Hands-on Cyber Security

Learn practical examples of information security implementation.

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