BACnet Building Automation Conference 2019


About Cyber Security Conference

Increasing digitalization and networking in buildings is creating new opportunities for energy efficiency and comfort. However at one and the same time it also increases the danger of unauthorized manipulation and criminal attacks. Hackers are more and more targeting smart home and smart building systems and use weak points in products, interfaces or radio standards.

In recent years, the number of cyber-attacks has increased significantly. They can either happen directly with hacking attacks against certain structures or through phishing attempts, ransomware attacks and social engineering. What they all have in common is that they can restrict the operation and functionality of the affected building and fundamentally jeopardize it.

Whereas in the past the physical access to the building had to be secured, today networks and communication facilities must beincluded in security concepts. This concerns both unintentional operating errors and intended manipulations.

The planning phase already includes corresponding requirements, which have to be taken into account. Certifications of products and systems with regard to data security are gaining in importance.

BACnet Secure Connect provides a secure infrastructure for building automation. The new technology is fully compatible with existing BACnet deployments, it is IT friendly and enables cloud-based applications.

Cloud computing approaches mean that data are remotely processed and not stored centrally in the building. Users place high demands on the cloud service provider, not only with regard to data availability, but also data security.

Big Data approaches enable new algorithms in building automation, which are self-learning with access to sensors, weather forecasts and recorded data to ensure improved operation of the building. At the same time, the requirements of data protection and the GDPR - EU General Data Protection Regulation must be guaranteed.

About City Center Conference

With urbanization, the demand for the construction of City Centers is growing worldwide. They offer shops, doctors’ surgeries, offices, hotels and luxury apartments under one roof - making them the new meeting places for urban life.

The manufacturer-independent integration of building services equipment plays a decisive role in their economic operation. The systems are more versatile than in almost any other type of building. Typical features of the functional building are combined with smart home applications, with higher-level monitoring including energy management and fire protection and evacuation systems.

Transportation equipment such as elevators and escalators, access and surveillance systems with people detection and navigation systems ensure that the building functions smoothly in all areas.

In order to integrate all building automation systems under one roof, building owners, planners and integrators increasingly rely on the manufacturer-independent BACnet® standard. The new BACnet interface for monitoring passenger transport systems, but also the multiple successful integration of other complex automation systems in City Centers, have brought new insights that we want to share with all users.

With the BACnet City Center Conference, the BIG-EU offers for the first time a neutral exchange of experience between the participating users and providers, which specifically addresses the needs of multi-purpose buildings. Designers, installers, operators and users of the City Centers are invited to get to know the new and proven abilities of manufacturer-independent networking with BACnet.

Based on the requirements for planning and operating ultra-modern multi-purpose buildings the BACnet City Center Conference will consider the performance of the BACnet standard that enables:

  • reliable and safe building operation,
  • long-term investment security,
  • sustainable compliance with national and European energy efficiency directives and
  • comfortable environment for all people who use the building.

Target Audience

The Cyber Security Conference is a must have for 

Attendees are CEOs, vice presidents, directors, technical officers, building engineers, communication and IT engineers, decision makers and experts for protection of smart buildings who are responsible for

  • building operation
  • building planning
  • building insurance
  • communication and IT infrastructure
  • system integration
  • manufacturing
  • consultation

The BACnet City Center Conference is a unique place to be for experts of integrated building automation:

  • planners, 
  • constructors,
  • operators,
  • facility managers, 
  • technical managers,
  • integrators and 
  • consultants.

Attendees are CEOs, vice presidents, directors, technical officers, developers, decision makers and experts who are responsible for

  • HVAC systems
  • smart grids and energy management,
  • smart-home applications,
  • fire protection and evacuation systems,
  • energy efficiency.
  • elevators and escalators,
  • people tracking, 
  • connectivity and IT

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